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Challenging the reported disadvantages of e-questionnaires and addressing methodological issues of online data collection

21 September 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To review the advantages and disadvantages of e-questionnaires, and question whether or not reported disadvantages remain valid or can be limited or...

Alzheimer’s disease: the psychological and physical effects of the caregiver’s role. Part 2

01 May 2008

Nursing Older People


The purpose of this study was to investigate the physical and psychological effects on informal caregivers of looking after a person with Alzheimer’s disease. A...

Measuring quality of life in the evaluation of health care

14 January 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article provides an introduction to the measurement of quality of life or subjective health status. It considers difficulties in defining the concept and the...

Developing a self-assessment quality of life tool

01 June 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


The specialist nurse is in a prime position to provide holistic care and this care can be optimised by adequately addressing areas of a patient’s quality of life...

Storytelling in risk management

01 April 2010

Nurse Researcher


The safe and competent use of complex medical devices requires training for healthcare staff, and external assurance standards require hospital trusts to provide...

Barriers to questionnaire completion: understanding the AIDS/HIV patient’s perspective

24 January 2014

Nurse Researcher

HIV population

Aim To determine what encourages or discourages AIDS/HIV patients from completing questionnaires. Background Data from surveys can provide important information but...

Patient expectations and satisfaction with health care

21 January 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This study explored levels of satisfaction by comparing cardiac patients’ initial expectations of care with their perceptions following treatment. Overall, the...

A step-by-step approach to developing scales for survey research

20 November 2018

Nurse Researcher


Background While questionnaires and scales are some of the simplest methods of collecting data, their development requires a rigorous process. In recent years,...

Overview of nurse-led clinics and their scope of practice

04 November 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


A survey was carried out to identify the type of cancer nurse-led clinics established in one region of Scotland. It also aimed to establish the scope of the clinics,...

Patients’ preferences for information during chemotherapy

08 December 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Aim To identify patients’ perceptions of information about prognosis and chemotherapy. Method A questionnaire survey was undertaken. Results A heterogeneous sample...