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Personality disorder: time for a new approach?

01 July 1999

Mental Health Practice


As a coordinator of a criminal justice mental health team, I believe acute mental health services face a fundamental Issue. How do these services ensure that...

Supporting people with learning disabilities in prison settings

10 February 2010

Learning Disability Practice


A review of the prevalence of people with learning disabilities in prisons in Nottinghamshire highlighted that the needs of some people with a learning disability...

People with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system

26 May 2010

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article summarises the needs of people with learning disabilities in the police station, courts and prisons. The article describes national plans to address...

A suitable case for treatment

31 March 2009

Nursing Standard


Although mental health care in prison has improved, there is still a long way to go.

More than porridge

04 July 2006

Nursing Standard

General article

In spite of a number of innovative projects, there are still concerns about the nutritional value of prison meals and the associated health risks.

Unlocking potential

05 October 2010

Nursing Standard

General article

Fiona Lydon is encouraging staff in a care home to challenge familiar approaches to practice and transform the lives of residents.

Prisoner peer caregiving: a literature review

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Aim Aim To explore the role of prisoner caregivers in providing peer social care to older prisoners and to identify methodological information and challenges to...

Nurses’ role in helping offenders to adopt healthier lifestyles

30 January 2015

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

The prison population in England and Wales is increasing and so is the requirement for health care and health promotion for prisoners. This article explores the...

Preventing malnutrition in prison

15 January 2014

Nursing Standard


Vulnerable patient groups are at increased risk of malnutrition. This article focuses on the importance of ensuring that the nutritional needs of those in...