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Use of Hub and Spoke model in nursing students’ practice learning

06 August 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Various forms of the Hub and Spoke model have been in existence in nursing programmes, providing nurses with the opportunity to observe a client or patient journey...

Developing and piloting a new role to enhance the clinical learning environment

01 September 2016

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Environments that support pre- and post-registration students’ and staff learning are vital to ensure the delivery of high quality patient care by knowledgeable and...

Live register of mentors and practice teachers

01 June 2013

Nursing Management

Art & Science

A working group comprising university academics and practice education facilitators from three NHS Scotland service provider areas has developed guidance to improve...

Nursing students' experience of practice placements

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Clinical practice placements are an essential component of pre-registration nursing programmes. Integration into a new team in an unfamiliar setting, which has its...

Community placements for nursing students

01 July 2013

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

This article explores the challenges involved in providing practice learning opportunities for pre-registration nursing students in community settings, especially in...

An evaluation of nurse-led mental health training for benefits staff

14 October 2019

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Background Meaningful employment can promote emotional and mental health, yet there are concerns around the support offered to those experiencing mental ill health...

Health promotion: reconfiguring nurses’ practice to reduce social inequalities

26 February 2024

Nursing Standard

Effective practice

Inequalities in people’s health due to economic or social circumstances remain a persistent challenge in the UK, with people from disadvantaged communities...

Using the hub and spoke student placement model in learning disability settings

26 May 2017

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

The hub and spoke model of nursing student placement has been around in various guises for some time. What began as an informal and unplanned arrangement is now...

Developing a collaborative research partnership

03 June 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article details a collaborative research project undertaken in an acute NHS foundation trust, in partnership with a local higher education institution (HEI)....

Effect of e-learning on nurses’ continuing professional development

10 March 2020

Nursing Management

Staff development

Background E-learning can provide nurses with the opportunity to undertake lifelong learning and continuing professional development (CPD) in a flexible, practical...