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Pharmacological techniques for managing acute pain in emergency departments

01 April 2004

Emergency Nurse


Pain is a common reason to attend hospital but it is often inadequately managed. This article examines the physiology of pain and suggests the most effective...

Open AccessPO12 – The Fuller’s Infants Pain Assessment Scale utility in practice in the opinion of the nurses working in Tartu University Hospital

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Child protection and managing risk. Aim: The aim of this study was to describe nurses´ opinion on a Fuller´s Infants Pain Assessment Scale utility in practice...

Introducing a protocol for procedural pain

01 October 2002

Paediatric Nursing


Children endure painful experiences while in hospital, often without understanding why. This study aimed to assess whether the use of a protocol for assessing,...

Managing pain using heat and cold therapy

09 July 2009

Paediatric Nursing


Evidence supports the use of superficial heating and cooling of tissues to provide pain relief in low to moderate levels of acute and chronic pain in adults, but...

Factors influencing pain management in children

05 December 2008

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim: To identify factors that influence nurses’ pain management in children. Method: A qualitative design was used. Twenty-one nurses working in one paediatric...

An overview of the quality of life of clients with chronic pain

01 February 2008

Primary Health Care


Long-term chronic pain limits clients physically, psychologically and socially. It can affect peoples’ mental health which, in turn, can decrease their interest in...

Comparison of ethyl chloride spray with topical anaesthetic in children experiencing venepuncture

01 April 2006

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim: Initial validation of ethyl chloride spray in minimising pain for children experiencing venepuncture in comparison to Ametop™ cream. Design: A randomised...

Pain management for patients with chest drains

01 April 2000

Emergency Nurse


The management of chest drains is very complex and pain control is often given very little thought. It is not necessarily always considered to be a priority. This...

Introduction of a pain assessment tool in a cancer centre: an action research approach

01 September 2002

Cancer Nursing Practice


The aim of this research project was to develop and pilot a pain assessment tool in clinical practice. This tool should assist nurses to assess pain, plan and...

The assessment and management of patients with chronic pain

04 December 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


Pain affects most patients with cancer at some stage in their illness; 75 per cent of patients will experience pain with advanced disease (Portenoy 1989). Chronic...