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Dietary intake of people with dementia on acute hospital wards

30 October 2019

Nursing Older People

Service evaluation

The aim of this service evaluation was to understand the factors affecting meal provision on a dementia ward and assess whether meals-based dietary intake met...

Exploring the use of alternative diets in people living with cancer

30 January 2023

Nursing Standard


There is significant use of alternative diets by people living with cancer, with data suggesting this has continued to increase since the 1980s. Commonly used...

Exploring the reasons why school students eat or skip breakfast

09 July 2015

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Background Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. It provides the essential nutrients needed for the day’s activities. Aims To determine...

Understanding the role of carbohydrates in optimal nutrition

29 July 2019

Nursing Standard


In recent years, the regulation of carbohydrate intake has become regarded as essential to achieve a balanced diet, with a range of health benefits attributed to...

Providing optimal nursing care for patients undergoing enteral feeding

27 February 2020

Nursing Standard


Enteral feeding is defined as the intake of food directly into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Enteral feeding tubes can also be used to administer medicines....

Identifying and managing malnutrition in people with learning disabilities

28 July 2022

Learning Disability Practice

physical healthcare

People with learning disabilities are at greater risk of malnutrition compared with the general population. Congenital conditions and mental health issues...

Understanding the role of diet in adult constipation

28 July 2020

Nursing Standard


Constipation is a common condition in adults and symptoms such as straining and the sensation of incomplete bowel emptying can be distressing for patients. The...

Open AccessPrevention, identification and management of malnutrition in older people in the community

04 July 2022

Nursing Standard


Malnutrition, specifically undernutrition, is a significant health concern among older people, yet it is under-detected and under-treated in the community. The...

Understanding the role of nutrition in preventing non-communicable diseases and supporting planetary health

07 February 2022

Nursing Standard


Obesity is a multifaceted, long-term condition associated with a range of serious consequences, including an increased risk of non-communicable diseases such as type...

Enhancing nutrition screening in patients with kidney disease

07 August 2023

Nursing Standard

Care experience

Malnutrition is common in patients with kidney disease, and can exacerbate the individual and economic burden of the condition. The identification of malnutrition is...