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Using narratives and discourses in neglect-prevention training

01 June 2013

Nursing Management


Training in neglect prevention for healthcare professionals should incorporate understanding of who is at risk, what represents neglect, how signs might be...

Self-neglect: the role of judgements and applied ethics

12 January 2005

Nursing Standard


Self-neglect is more common than currently recognised. This article highlights the issue of self-neglect and the accompanying ethical values and judgements...

The UK national study of abuse and neglect among older people

01 October 2007

Nursing Older People


This article reports briefly on the first UK prevalence study (undertaken in 2006-7) of the abuse and neglect of older people living in the community. Older people...

Do unto others...

04 November 2008

Nursing Standard


Recognition of shared humanity is vital in preventing abuse and harm of patients.

Animal hoarding: devastating, complex, and everyone’s concern

12 March 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Little is understood about animal hoarding, but it is believed to occur in most communities (Patronek 1999). By the nature of its presentation and its association...

The principles and practice of child protection

12 January 2000

Nursing Standard


Nurses working with children might find themselves exposed to issues of child abuse. Sharon Stower discusses how to recognise child abuse, the legislation that...

Safeguarding vulnerable older people in hospital

26 September 2012

Nursing Standard


Safeguarding vulnerable older people is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals, but what this means in reality and how it can be achieved in practice is...

Frailty and its significance in older people’s nursing

21 September 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

The term frail is commonly used to describe older people, but reports on the care of older adults in hospital highlight that the clinical implications of frailty are...

Nurses’ knowledge of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

01 September 2001

Paediatric Nursing


Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is a form of child abuse that can remain undetected for years. The child, and occasionally siblings, suffer serious physiological...

Chastising a child – the legal position

01 June 2008

Paediatric Nursing


Chastisement of children can take many forms, some of which could be offences under law. If the child was afraid of a physical attack because the parent was shouting...