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Literature searching for systematic reviews

02 July 1997

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Literature reviews play an important role in summarising current knowledge and informing clinical practice and future research. Historically, nurses have conducted...

Clinical decisions: defining meaning through focus groups

04 February 1998

Nursing Standard


Clinical decision making is a nursing skill central to the daily activities of patient care. It is, however, a concept that is poorly defined. In the process of...

Revisiting Mandell’s ‘least adult’ role and engaging with children’s voices in research

20 April 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim This paper is intended to re-examine Mandell’s classic work on the ‘least adult’ role and to show that the principles that underpin Mandell’s work are useful if...

Evidence-based practice: is patient satisfaction evidence?

26 August 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Patient satisfaction is a popular way of evaluating nursing practice, but there are doubts about its reliability and validity. This article describes a study which...

Grounded theory: issues for research in nursing

16 September 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The grounded theory approach to research appears to be well suited to providing nurses with understanding of social behaviours so that they can enhance patient care....

Learning how to undertake a systematic review: part 2

25 August 2010

Nursing Standard


This article, the second in a two-part series, continues to describe the stages involved in conducting a systematic review. The article discusses how to select and...

Decision-tables for choosing commonly applied inferential statistical tests in comparative and correlation studies

17 October 2019

Nurse Researcher

Quantitative research

Background Nurse researchers are increasingly using a wide variety of inferential statistical tests. However, novice researchers might find choosing tests for their...

The conceptual framework and the iterative elements of doctoral nursing research design

27 February 2020

Nurse Researcher

study design

Background Conceptual frameworks are central to doctoral nursing theses; they include the pragmatic and philosophical elements of the research design and their...

Action research in the care of patients with sexual anxieties

16 December 1998

Nursing Standard


Nurses are familiar with patients who appear to need excessive analgesia as inpatients, or women who, apparently reasonably, continue to avoid vaginal examination...

Black on black: methodological issues for black researchers working in minority ethnic communities

01 July 2002

Nurse Researcher


In this article the insider-outsider debate is used to explore the contradictions and responsibilities faced by a black researcher working in black and minority...