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Introduction of meditation to meet service users’ spiritual needs

01 April 2011

Mental Health Practice


This article describes how, to help meet service users’ spiritual needs and to reduce their anxiety and distress, meditation sessions were implemented on an acute...

Exploring how mindfulness and self-compassion can enhance compassionate care

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Research suggests that the development of mindfulness and self-compassion may help to improve the well-being and resilience of professionals and students in the...

A spiritual workout

09 August 2011

Nursing Standard

General Article

Yoga can take many forms and its practice can best be described as a philosophy that places spirituality at the centre of existence.

Meditation matters

12 June 2007

Nursing Standard

General article

Meditation is a healing discipline that can lead to the deepest awareness of the present moment through quieting the mind. And it can have positive physical and...

Counselling the spirit

15 May 2007

Nursing Standard


A ‘spiritual director’ may be able to help practitioners become more insightful, rounded nurses.

The spirit of good nursing

31 October 2007

Nursing Standard


Spirituality is important to many patients and nurses, yet an irrelevance to many others. This series will consider all aspects of the debate.