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Use of checking systems in medicines administration with children and young people

03 April 2012

Nursing Children and Young People

A&S Science

This study aimed to establish which policies are in place for checking medication administration in UK children’s units and to discuss evidence to support the use of...

Delegation of medication administration: an exploratory study

06 February 2008

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To examine the delegation of medication administration, including the frequency of delegation, whether delegation was to a care worker or a registered nurse (RN)...

Management of schizophrenia

01 June 1999

Mental Health Practice

Management of schizophrenia

This article provides an overview of the management of schizophrenia, including both the pharmacological and psychosocial treatment of this disabling disease

How people with learning disabilities can help train professionals

28 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

In Bradford, the Healthier Lives group, part of Bradford People First, and a local strategic health facilitator have been training professionals to become aware of...

Meeting the challenges of epilepsy

09 November 2008

Learning Disability Practice


The diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy can be difficult in people with learning disabilities, and the best delivery of care depends on a treatment plan that is...

Managing depression: an overview

01 June 2004

Mental Health Practice


Depression is a common health problem but it is both under-detected and under-treated. It is a complex condition with no single known cause: biological, social and...

Nurse prescribing in an Alzheime’s disease service: a reflective account

01 April 2008

Mental Health Practice


Nurse prescribing is one of the most radical, and controversial, developments in nursing in recent decades. O’Dowd (2007) summed up the contrasting views that...

Effects of interruptions to nurses during medication administration

03 February 2010

Nursing Management


Medication errors can occur at any stage of the medication process including prescribing, dispensing, preparation, administration and monitoring (Vincent et al...

Self-administration of medicine and older people

17 January 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Non-adherence to medication regimens is a significant problem in older patients, which can lead to therapeutic failure and the wastage of resources....

Diuretic therapy: implications for nursing practice

30 June 2010

Nursing Standard


Diuretics relieve fluid overload by increasing the volume of urine passed and decreasing the volume of fluid in the body. The consequent challenges to fluid balance...