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Dysphagia in people with learning disabilities

01 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Dysphagia has a detrimental effect on quality of life, particularly among people with learning disabilities. The cause of the condition must be identified to assess...

Clinical competency in children’s nursing: a legal commentary

24 December 2011

Nursing Children and Young People


Competence can be defined as having the requisite knowledge, skills, judgement, and experience to undertake a role or task. This article – part ten and the last in...

An overview of triage in the emergency department

23 November 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

Emergency care services in the UK are receiving increasing numbers of patients presenting with a wide range of problems, from life-threatening conditions to minor...

Giving hope to families in palliative care and implications for practice

10 June 2014

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Caring for a dying child and the family is one of the greatest nursing challenges. The way in which care is delivered will shape the experience they are about to...

Legal and ethical issues in neonatal nursing: a case study

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Neonatal nurses regularly face complex legal and ethical dilemmas. This article discusses the hypothetical case of Jack, a two-day-old infant diagnosed with trisomy...

Understanding the nurse’s role as a professional witness

09 January 2023

Nursing Standard

Professional issues

Nurses working in any setting may be required to assist the courts or coroners by preparing statements or giving evidence in court. Nurses can act as ‘professional...

Understanding mental capacity law and making best-interests decisions

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 was enacted with the aim of improving the protection provided by the law to the most vulnerable people in society. The principles of the...

Legal, ethical and professional aspects of duty of care for nurses

13 December 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Duty of care is a fundamental aspect of nursing, and many nurses consider this to be an important part of their professional duties as a nurse. However, the legal...

Hospice transfer for patients at the end of life: part 2

30 October 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This is the second in a series of two articles on improving end of life care for terminally ill patients in a medical assessment unit. Through joint working between...

Applying the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation principles in healthcare settings

16 January 2019

Nursing Management

Professional issues

The Data Protection Act (DPA) of 1998 was radically updated in 2018 and since then there has been much media coverage about the General Data Protection Regulation...