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Concept mapping: a tool for improving patient care

29 July 2015

Nursing Standard


This article reviews the use of concept mapping as a person-centred problem-solving aid to assessment, risk management, care evaluation and care planning for nurses....

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

07 May 2019

Nursing Standard


Leadership is a role that nurses are expected to fulfil, regardless of their job title and experience. Nurses are required to lead and manage care as soon as they...

Developing the personal qualities required for effective nurse leadership

08 April 2019

Nursing Standard

evidence and practice

Leadership within the healthcare system should be visible at all levels, rather than being dependent solely on the characteristics of those who exert control from...

Exploring the role of advanced nurse practitioners in leadership

20 April 2018

Nursing Standard


There have been several changes to healthcare services in the UK over recent years, with rising NHS costs and increasing demands on healthcare professionals to...