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Understanding the relationship between followers and leaders

30 December 2011

Nursing Management


Contemporary healthcare policies tend to imply that successful leadership can be attributed to a single leader. Such an understanding of leadership ignores the...

Understanding effective nurse leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic

22 April 2021

Nursing Standard


Leadership is central to effective nursing practice and is considered to be particularly important during crises such as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)...

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

07 May 2019

Nursing Standard


Leadership is a role that nurses are expected to fulfil, regardless of their job title and experience. Nurses are required to lead and manage care as soon as they...

Supporting nurse leaders to recognise and mitigate the effects of moral injury

21 September 2022

Nursing Management

Moral injury

The concept of moral injury has been around for several decades, yet its effect on nurses remains under-recognised. Moral injury is defined as the biopsychosocial...

Using collective leadership to support nurses and enhance patient outcomes

24 April 2023

Nursing Standard


Healthcare services and nursing environments are becoming increasingly highly pressured and stressful areas in which to work. However, effective leadership can have...

Exploring the benefits and limitations of transactional leadership in healthcare

22 October 2020

Nursing Standard


Leadership theory is a crucial aspect of nursing and the focus of a large body of literature. However, it remains a challenging concept to define and has been...

The changing paradigm of research delivery during a pandemic – a reflective account

12 May 2022

Nurse Researcher

Pandemic response

Background As clinical pressures evolved amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of research activity came to the forefront of health and care service...

Exploring the role of authentic leadership in nursing

19 April 2022

Nursing Standard


Authentic leadership is a relatively new concept in nursing, with limited studies undertaken into its application in healthcare. Authentic leadership emphasises the...

Quantum leadership: a new approach for nurse leaders

21 December 2022

Nursing Management


Healthcare is continually evolving in response to new global challenges, changes in society, limitations on resources and the growing use of technology. In light of...

Understanding leadership for newly qualified nurses

24 November 2020

Nursing Standard


Becoming a newly qualified nurse can be a daunting prospect and leadership may appear to be a quality that only experienced nurses and managers should be concerned...