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Enabling sexual expression in people with dementia

09 December 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Dementia remains a significant health and social care concern in the UK. Cases of dementia are expected to increase exponentially because more people are living...

Incontinence and sexuality in later life

25 June 2015

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

This article explores the interrelated aspects of incontinence and sexuality in older age. It describes the physiological changes that may have an effect on sexual...

Intimacy in nursing

06 September 2006

Nursing Standard

Clinical digest

There are many definitions of intimacy in nursing but what they all have in common is the need for communicated empathy, for nursing that is not just caring for but...

Supporting safe sexual and intimate expression among older people in care homes

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

This article outlines how care home staff can support safe sexual and intimate expression among older people. Older people may continue to engage in sexual and...