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A study of nurses’ attitudes towards mechanical aids

16 October 1996

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Publication of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (HSE 1992) focused attention on the use of mechanical aids for the purposes of moving and handling....

Back support

05 April 2011

Nursing Standard

General article

An updated guide to manual handling has been produced by the charity BackCare to reduce the problems nurses experience.

Spatial requirements in hospital shower and toilet rooms

27 September 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To determine the spatial requirements for hoist use in an assisted shower-toilet facility. Method A simulation of two shower-toilet facilities (built since 2000)...

Moving and handling: reducing risk through assessment

01 June 2016

Nursing Standard


Manual handling injuries can occur almost anywhere in a healthcare environment, and most staff perform a variety of moving and handling tasks every day. Heavy...