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The benefits of hospital-based counselling for patients and staff

04 November 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article describes how a district general hospital established a counselling service to address the psychological support aspects of the National Institute for...

Managing the emotional aspects of end of life care for children and young people

01 September 2010

Paediatric Nursing


Caring for a child at the end of life stage is one of the greatest challenges a nurse can encounter in practice. The way professionals help support, maintain and...

Positive psychology for depression: a critical review

08 January 2019

Mental Health Practice

affective disorders

Background Positive psychology has become a popular approach to psychology. Aim To evaluate the approach of positive psychology in dealing with depression and the...

Supporting nurses to adopt healthy eating behaviours

24 October 2018

Nursing Standard


Nurses have a central role in health education and promotion, particularly with regard to supporting individuals to optimise their nutritional intake and engage in...

Open AccessSupportive care needs of people with pancreatic cancer: a literature review

10 January 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

Palliative care

Quality of life is crucial to people with pancreatic cancer due to poor survival rates and high symptom burden. Timely and person-centred supportive and palliative...

Enhancing well-being and building resilience in people living with cancer part 2: a central role for nurses

18 December 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice


Receiving a new diagnosis of cancer or of its recurrence is distressing and there are increasing numbers of people living with the disease, some taking continuous...

Enhancing well-being and resilience in people living with cancer. Part 1

09 October 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

resilience and cancer

Receiving a new diagnosis of cancer or recurrent disease is distressing. Increasing numbers of people are living with cancer, as well as those who have been cured....