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Observations and monitoring: routine practices on the ward

01 May 2010

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim To review routine observations on all children admitted to the Children’s Hospital for Wales and the feasibility of implementing an early warning score for...

Collaborative working to promote the use of an early warning scoring system in the recognition and escalation of acutely ill patients in community healthcare

07 November 2018

Primary Health Care

Patient safety

The National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) National Reporting and Learning System (2007) identified that 11% of deaths in 2005 were the result of deterioration that...

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

09 September 2019

Nursing Standard

Infection prevention and control

Rationale and key points Temperature is a vital sign that is included in all early warning scoring tools and as part of patient observations. This article outlines...

Development and validation of a methodology to measure the time taken by hospital nurses to make vital signs observations

02 July 2020

Nurse Researcher

tool reliability

Background Several time and motion studies have sought to quantify the nursing work involved in observing patients’ vital signs. However, none of these studies...

Sepsis: an overview of the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and pathophysiology

07 August 2019

Emergency Nurse

urgent care

Sepsis is a common phenomenon surrounded by uncertainty and misunderstanding. The urgency for treatment is complicated by the vagueness of signs and symptoms and...

Evaluating mental health nurses’ confidence in recognising a physically deteriorating patient

24 November 2020

Mental Health Practice


Background People who experience serious mental health issues are at an elevated risk of premature death. Research demonstrates that serious adverse events in mental...

Undertaking a neurological assessment

06 November 2023

Nursing Standard

Effective practice

Neurological observations are an essential aspect of assessment in patients with altered mental status and require the nurse to collect and analyse information using...

Using the NEWS2 and ABCDE assessment to identify early signs of clinical deterioration

25 March 2024

Nursing Standard

Effective practice

Nurses may encounter deteriorating patients in their clinical practice, so they require an understanding of the early physiological signs of deterioration and a...

Planning a change project in mental health nursing

02 September 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article outlines a plan for a change project to improve the quality of physical health care on mental health wards. The plan was designed to improve the...

Implementing the National Early Warning Score 2 into pre-registration nurse education

17 February 2020

Nursing Standard

deteriorating patients

Recognising signs of deteriorating health in patients and responding to them appropriately are crucial nursing competencies. In acute care, failure to detect and act...