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Safe storage and handling of vaccines

19 February 2014

Nursing Standard


Safe vaccine storage and handling is essential to ensure that the ‘cold chain’ that refrigerates the vaccine at a temperature between +2°C and +8°C is maintained...

The medicines refrigerator and the importance of the cold chain in the safe storage of medicines

04 October 2017

Nursing Standard


The medicines refrigerator is a common piece of equipment found in clinical areas. It is used to ensure specific medicines are safely stored within a narrow...

Medicines management for nurses: explaining legal governance

08 January 2024

Nursing Standard

Effective practice

There are multiple acts of law and case law that govern UK prescribing practice. This article examines three important topics for nurses: the classification and...

Using the ‘8Rs’ checklist to support safe vaccination practice

08 June 2022

Primary Health Care

Public health

Safe vaccination practice is essential to reduce the risk of vaccine-related adverse events, ensure vaccines are administered safely and maintain a high level of...

Role of the nurse in supporting the safe use of opioids

17 August 2020

Nursing Standard


Opioids are powerful analgesics that are derived from the opium poppy plant. They are recognised as central in the management of acute pain and cancer pain, but...

Protecting nurses against the risks of occupational exposure to systemic anticancer therapy agents

30 December 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice

nurse well-being

Many agents used for systemic anticancer therapy (SACT), which include chemotherapy drugs, monoclonal antibodies and other biological therapies, are known to be...