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Learning disabilities and dementia: a nursing student’s A to Z guide

08 June 2011

Learning Disability Practice


People with learning disabilities are at added risk of developing dementia. Healthcare professionals’ lack of awareness of this condition among service users with...

Developing a support group for carers of people living with dementia

27 January 2021

Nursing Older People


Significant numbers of people in the UK care for someone living with dementia. Providing support for carers is socially and economically important, enabling them to...

Nurses’ attitudes towards caring for people with dementia in acute hospital settings: a literature review

22 July 2020

Nursing Older People

evidence and practice

People with dementia are often admitted to acute hospital settings and it is essential that nurses recognise their complex needs. However, research shows that this...

Functional loss in older adults with intellectual disabilities and dementia

30 June 2022

Learning Disability Practice


Background Diagnosing dementia in people with intellectual disabilities can be challenging due to pre-existing cognitive impairment. In this population, functional...

Providing person-centred dementia care on general hospital wards

12 December 2022

Nursing Standard


Dementia is caused by conditions that result in a progressive loss of brain function. People with dementia often have complex multimorbidity which increases their...

Supporting person-centred dementia care following the COVID-19 pandemic

01 November 2022

Nursing Standard

mental health

In recent years, nurses have experienced increased workplace pressures in part due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, which exacerbated challenges...

Admiral Nursing: supporting generalist nurses to work with families affected by dementia

15 December 2022

Nursing Standard


The number of people with dementia in the UK is expected to significantly increase over the next two decades, which has implications for service demand and delivery,...

Using virtual care interventions to provide person-centred care to hospitalised older people with dementia

11 November 2020

Nursing Older People

evidence and practice

Background Being in an unfamiliar environment away from family can exacerbate emotional stress in hospitalised older people with dementia. Technology solutions can...

Using therapeutic lies – an ethical challenge for nurses when caring for people with dementia

06 March 2024

Nursing Older People

evidence and practice

People living with dementia can become vulnerable when experiencing symptoms such as memory loss and disorientation, as well as stigma attached to the condition. The...

Medicines management for people with dementia

22 February 2019

Nursing Standard


Dementia care has evolved over the years, with a rise in person-centred non-pharmacological interventions such as reminiscence therapy, reality orientation and...