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Role of the nurse in managing complaints in their clinical area

06 April 2016

Nursing Standard


Complaints and their management are an important indicator of the quality of care. Therefore, effective management of complaints is central to improve services and...

Managing complaints in health and social care

31 March 2010

Nursing Management


An important aspect of allowing patients to take control of their health care is the introduction of new procedures for dealing with complaints. This article...

Providing contact cards for relatives following bereavement

07 July 2010

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes the implementation of a Welsh Assembly Government policy to improve customer service and provide an opportunity for relatives to seek further...

An integrated approach to dealing with complaints in the workplace

08 December 2010

Nursing Management


There is now, for the first time, an integrated approach to complaints so that, where issues cross health and social care, the authorities must work together to...

Day surgery: handling patients’ complaints

16 August 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical Day Surgery

The number of surgical procedures being performed as day cases is increasing. In an attempt to ensure that patients are given the chance to present their views of...

Bullying in nursing

25 July 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Current concerns about the need to improve the working lives of health service staff are well founded, and are receiving new impetus in current NHS human...

Farewell LINks – hello Health Watch

06 July 2011

Primary Health Care


Health Watch England and Local Health Watch will be the two organisations overseeing quality of primary care services under the government’s proposals. This article...

Setting up a successful patients’ council

01 April 2003

Mental Health Practice


Initiatives that challenge policy and practice in organisations or require change are often met with the withering comment that this has been tried before and didn’t...

From nursing leader to patients’ champion

11 August 2009

Nursing Standard


Roswyn Hakesley-Brown is using her considerable nursing experience to champion the cause of patients through the Patients Association.

Taking complaints seriously

23 July 2008

Nursing Standard

General article

Even the best homes may sometimes come into conflict with relatives. Would an independent complaints procedure help?