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Role of clinical nurse leadership in improving patient care

26 December 2009

Nursing Management


Leadership in nursing plays a crucial part in the provision of good patient care. However, the terms ‘nursing leadership’ and ‘nursing management’ are often...

RCN clinical leadership programme in action

26 November 2009

Nursing Management


The 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital (Volunteers) unit provides field hospital support in Afghanistan. On a recent deployment there, some of the 203 unit’s members, while...

A framework to develop leadership potential

26 November 2011

Nursing Management


Leadership has been acknowledged as central to the development and delivery of health care. This article describes the NHS leadership framework, which was launched...

Clinical leadership in primary care

01 June 2013

Primary Health Care


The need for good clinical leadership has never been more important. With the major shifts in the UK health and social care policy agendas, clinical leaders will be...

Working together for heart health services

01 April 2012

Primary Health Care

A&S Science

Low referral rates for cardiac rehabilitation and to the arrhythmia service, run by a cardiac nurse team in the community, had put the services at risk of being...

Developing cultural competence in addiction services: the role of clinical leadership

07 March 2019

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Community addiction services must offer treatment to all members of the community, even hard-to-reach groups, such as those from ethnic communities, who are often...

Managing capability in specialist nursing practice

02 March 2021

Nursing Management


Raising concerns over another nurse’s clinical practice and capability presents significant challenges, particularly in specialist clinical nursing roles. However,...

Happy to be of service

01 February 2011

Nursing Standard


Many NHS nurses volunteer for the St John Ambulance service in their spare time.

Concept mapping: a tool for improving patient care

29 July 2015

Nursing Standard


This article reviews the use of concept mapping as a person-centred problem-solving aid to assessment, risk management, care evaluation and care planning for nurses....

Developing leadership roles in nursing and midwifery

29 October 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article is the first in a series of seven articles on an initiative undertaken in NHS Lanarkshire where a creative partnership with the University of the West...