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Reducing needlestick and sharps injuries among healthcare workers

06 February 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Needlestick and sharps injuries carry the risk of infection and are an occupational hazard for all healthcare professionals involved in clinical care. This article...

An evaluation of sharp safety blood evacuation devices

29 June 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes an evaluation of three sharp safety blood evacuation devices in seven Welsh NHS boards and the Welsh Blood Service. Products consisted of two...

Needlestick and sharps injuries: practice update

16 May 2012

Nursing Standard


Member states of the European Union have until May 11 2013 to implement the Council Directive 2010/32/EU Implementing the Framework Agreement on Prevention from...

Preventing, identifying and treating hepatitis C

08 January 2019

Nursing Standard

gastrointestinal care

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that, if left untreated, can result in significant liver damage and cancer. Most individuals are unaware that they have been...

Dengue fever

18 September 2019

Primary Health Care

Travel health

Dengue fever is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. It is endemic in tropical and subtropical regions of the world but is beginning to emerge in other...

Use of personal protective equipment in nursing practice

01 April 2019

Nursing Standard

Infection prevention and control

A comprehensive understanding of infection prevention and control is essential for nurses when seeking to protect themselves, patients, colleagues and the general...