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National audit of bedside transfusion practice

26 June 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To measure clinical bedside practice and promote best practice for the administration of blood. Method Data were collected on patient identification and the...

How to undertake a blood component transfusion

30 July 2018

Nursing Standard


Rationale and key points Blood component transfusion, commonly referred to as ‘blood transfusion’, is a general term for the transfusion of red blood cells,...

Understanding the principles and aims of intravenous fluid therapy

27 January 2020

Nursing Standard


A balance between the volume of fluid taken in by the human body, and the volume of fluid excreted, is essential for life. Body fluid balance, which is maintained...

How to safely collect and deliver blood components for transfusion

21 June 2021

Nursing Standard


Rationale and key points There are several steps in the transfusion process that aim to ensure the correct blood component is given to the correct patient at the...

Role of the nurse in patient blood management and treating anaemia

19 October 2021

Nursing Standard


Patient blood management has been defined as a patient-focused and evidence-based approach to optimising the management of patients during the transfusion of blood...