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Tackling hate crime in Barnsley

04 September 2009

Learning Disability Practice


A survey by Barnsley’s hate crime group has revealed high levels of abuse of people with learning disabilities. The survey of 145 people found that more than one...

Providing first aid and assisting forensic investigations

28 October 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Forensic investigation is mandated not only in cases of criminal Injury or death, but also where an unexplained death has occurred. The registered nurse involved in...

Opportunities to preserve forensic evidence in emergency departments

Emergency Nurse

evidence & practice

Victims of violence often seek assistance from emergency departments, so emergency nurses are ideally placed to identify them, and other ‘forensic’ patients, and...

Witnessing violence: what are the experiences of mental health nurses?

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Mental health nurses in the UK are ten times more likely to be assaulted than general nurses. Research on this is increasing, but evidence on the effects of violence...

Preventing and managing challenging behaviour

21 February 2018

Nursing Standard


Patients exhibiting challenging behaviour, which includes any non-verbal, verbal or physical behaviour, is a significant issue in healthcare settings. Preventing...

Crossing the pain barrier

06 February 2008

Nursing Standard


Nurses working in many settings should be alert to the possibility that a patient has been subjected to homophobic assault.

Safety first

11 September 2007

Nursing Standard


While no assault against NHS staff is acceptable, there is a downward trend in the number of cases of violence and abuse. Increased security measures have helped.