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Participatory action research for women with anorexia nervosa

18 May 2016

Nurse Researcher

Research in action

Aim To discuss the application of the principles of participatory action research (PAR) in a project that developed and evaluated a mentor-mentee support programme...

Narrative art inquiry and anorexia nervosa

28 July 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Narrative art inquiry is a new qualitative research methodology. It is different from the narrative approaches used by some nurse investigators because the study’s...

Eating disorders and artificial re-feeding

09 June 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

This article is a literature review into the efficiency of artificial re-feeding in eating disordered patients.

Debriefing as a form of reflection and catharsis for researchers

19 September 2016

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The collection of sensitive data can arouse emotional reactions and researchers may have difficulty distancing themselves from personal stories....

Recognition and management of eating disorders in children and young people

25 October 2017

Nursing Standard


Eating disorders form a group of mental health conditions characterised by abnormal eating habits and are associated with high mortality rates. This article provides...