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Methadone maintenance treatment as an effective harm minimisation intervention

01 May 2005

Mental Health Practice


In the area of substance misuse nursing, within a harm minimisation philosophy, the route of administration of an illicit drug is often of more relative concern than...

Experiences of home detoxification for alcohol dependency

09 November 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To identify the experiences of service users, family members and staff involved with a community alcohol service that provided home detoxification and...

Perceived carer attitudes to alcohol dependent patients

27 March 1996

Nursing Standard

Drug misuse

Negative attitudes among carers towards people with alcohol-related problems have been reported in many studies. However, few studies have examined whether these...

The implications of drug treatment and testing orders

22 March 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The Crime and Disorder Act (1998) set out ways to tackle the link between crime and drug use. This article aims to review the Act and its implications on healthcare...

Cannabis: the evidence

21 July 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

There has been a lot of publicity over the past year on the issue of whether the legal status of cannabis should be changed. Much of the debate has been emotional in...

Young people’s pathway to smoking cessation

26 September 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In preparing a young people’s smoking cessation service in Sheffield, the author carried out a literature search and organised focus groups with young people to...

Taking a gamble

31 January 2006

Nursing Standard


A new law intended to make access to gambling easier could put more people at risk of gambling addiction. Currently there is little mental healthcare provision for...

Substance misuse and mental health: an overview

28 August 2002

Nursing Standard


Patients with dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health problems present many challenges for nurses, as their complex needs make them difficult to manage...

Non-medical prescribers in substance misuse services in England and Scotland: a mapping exercise

09 June 2014

Mental Health Practice

Arts & science

Aims To locate all non-medical prescribers working in substance misuse services in England and Scotland. To record each one’s profession, employment sector, work...

Improving services offered by GPs to patients with drug addiction

12 September 2012

Mental Health Practice


Most GPs in Hertfordshire have formed close links with their local community drug and alcohol teams. In November 2010 an investigation was carried out to assess the...