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Care pathways development and implementation

15 April 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Care pathways are increasingly being used in the UK as a tool for managing clinical processes and patient outcomes. This article describes some...

The effectiveness of nursing in stroke units

08 March 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background Richard Warner examines how nurses might contribute to the effectiveness of organised stroke care by linking the theoretical basis of nursing with...

Standing and moving: helping people with vascular dementia

01 March 2002

Nursing Older People

Continuing professional development

Aims and intended learning outcomes Aims and intended learning outcomes This article aims to explore ways in which people with vascular dementia can...

Arterial embolisation of uterine fibroids

28 July 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Interventional radiology has advanced rapidly in recent years as new technology has become available, and now offers viable alternatives to some surgical techniques....

Understanding the principles of traction

09 August 1995

Nursing Standard


As the use of traction has declined in recent years, nurses’ skills in this area have consequently decreased. Standards of care for patients...

Wound repair: advanced dressing materials

09 October 2002

Nursing Standard


Georgina Casey examines the process of wound healing and describes the roles of the main cells and biologically active molecules found in the...

Blood transfusion

10 May 2000

Nursing Standard


Blood transfusion is a potentially dangerous treatment in which adverse reactions are rare but can be fatal. This article introduces recently published national...

The use of intravenous therapy

01 November 2001

Primary Health Care


Nurses have a professional and legal responsibility to understand the rationale for the use of prescribed fluids. Safe administration requires an understanding of...

Wound bed preparation: theory to practice

21 May 2003

Nursing Standard


This article provides an overview of and rationale for wound bed preparation. It seeks to increase nurses’ knowledge and understanding of the roles...

Larval therapy

02 February 2000

Nursing Standard


Larval therapy – the use of maggots as a form of wound care – has been shown to be an effective and fast...