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Cataract management: effect on patients’ quality of life

21 January 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article summarises the epidemiology of cataract, the normal and altered physiology of the eye’s lens, and the causes of and risk factors associated with the...

Cataract surgery and recent advances: a review

03 July 1996

Nursing Standard


This article summarises the causes, symptoms and management of cataract with a brief description of the techniques of cataract removal and implantation of an ocular...

A vision for eye care

07 August 2007

Nursing Standard


Summary Ophthalmology is a low priority in many resource- poor countries, yet blindness has a huge impact on individuals and society. A link programme is helping to...

Supporting patients undergoing cataract extraction surgery

09 December 2009

Nursing Standard


A cataract is an opacification, or clouding, of the lens of the eye, causing a deterioration in the clarity and brightness of vision, which may reduce quality of...