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Open Access6Cs and ten commitments: nurses’ understanding and use of courage

27 February 2017

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Aim This article reports the initial findings of a study that explored nurses’ understanding of courage, in the context of the 6Cs and the Leading Change, Adding...

Professional practice skills for nurses

03 September 2014

Nursing Standard


Nurses work in a healthcare system in which different partners in care have different expectations of them. Demands to provide compassionate care that is...

How district nurses can influence organisational effectiveness in the community

27 November 2015

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

With the government continuing to focus on improving the patient experience and moving care closer to home, this article considers the leadership function of the...

Promoting the 6Cs of nursing in patient assessment

02 July 2014

Nursing Standard


Recognising the deteriorating patient is an essential nursing skill, and structured frameworks should be in place to assist effective patient assessment. The aim of...

Integrating the 6Cs of nursing into mentorship practice

12 August 2015

Nursing Standard


Nurses and midwives are asked to demonstrate the 6Cs (care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment) of nursing in ‘everything we do’. Mentors...

Values-based recruitment in health care

21 January 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Values-based recruitment is a process being introduced to student selection for nursing courses and appointment to registered nurse posts. This article discusses the...