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Researching students: an ethical dilemma

01 January 2005

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Students may be perceived as an accessible source for research, but their use as research subjects is not without ethical problems. These difficulties are increased...

Using unstructured interviews with participants who have schizophrenia

01 July 2005

Nurse Researcher


Unstructured interviews offer a potential source of rich data in nursing research. In this paper, Terence McCann and Eileen Clark examine the challenges presented...

Engaging offenders on probation in health research: lessons from the field

18 November 2016

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Offenders on probation are considered to be ‘hard to reach’ by researchers because probation is a ‘closed setting’ and engaging offenders in research can...

Hungry for help

20 June 2006

Nursing Standard


While obesity is the hot topic in dietetics, malnutrition costs the NHS far more. Recent guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence...

When the heat is on

14 June 2011

Nursing Standard

General article

While most people would welcome a warm, sunny summer, the heat can prove life-threatening for some vulnerable groups.

Potential challenges of using narrative inquiry with at-risk young people

16 May 2019

Nurse Researcher

evidence and practice

Background Being ‘at risk’ puts an individual in danger of future negative outcomes. Conducting qualitative research such as narrative inquiry with at-risk...