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Developing evidence-based standards for breast prosthesis fitting services

01 July 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


A significant proportion of the 41,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK will have a mastectomy or lumpectomy and will require the use of...

The internet as a medium for health service research. Part 1

01 March 2013

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

Aim To show what needs to be determined to ascertain whether an online research method (ORM) is appropriate, including ethical and validity considerations that must...

Barriers to questionnaire completion: understanding the AIDS/HIV patient’s perspective

24 January 2014

Nurse Researcher

HIV population

Aim To determine what encourages or discourages AIDS/HIV patients from completing questionnaires. Background Data from surveys can provide important information but...

Survey postal questionnaire: optimising response and dealing with non-response

01 January 2009

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

In any survey, despite researchers’ best efforts in the use of scientific techniques, results can only be drawn and generalised based on the amount of information...

Reconciling methodological approaches of survey and focus group

01 October 2009

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

The aim of research, be it qualitative or quantitative is either to predict, describe or explain a phenomena and add to the body of knowledge within the context of a...

A step-by-step approach to developing scales for survey research

20 November 2018

Nurse Researcher


Background While questionnaires and scales are some of the simplest methods of collecting data, their development requires a rigorous process. In recent years,...

Measuring the patient experience

21 October 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim This paper examines the complex issues of measuring the patient experience and evaluating the quality of health care. It discusses the use of surveys, patient...

Quantitative research

01 April 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes the basic tenets of quantitative research. The concepts of dependent and independent variables are addressed and the concept of measurement...

Best practices in reporting analyses of questionnaires as objective rating scales of variable measures

13 February 2024

Nurse Researcher

evidence and practice

Background The best practice model states that the highest quality of scientific information in a discipline should be used when addressing pertinent problems. The...

Fast, honest feedback

28 September 2010

Nursing Standard


One NHS trust has introduced a system allowing patients to record their experiences immediately after contact with services.