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RCN clinical leadership programme in action

26 November 2009

Nursing Management


The 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital (Volunteers) unit provides field hospital support in Afghanistan. On a recent deployment there, some of the 203 unit’s members, while...

The time of your life

18 January 2011

Nursing Standard


The Healthtalkonline website has a section to help women going through the menopause.

The value of analysing learning disability nurses’ stories

04 September 2009

Learning Disability Practice


An analysis of stories told by nurse teachers to learning disability nursing students uncovers insights into how their understanding of their field of practice is...

Sensory stories: literature for service users

01 February 2014

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes the author’s sensory story project, which she set up last year to provide an affordable and self-resourcing method of helping people with...

Telling tales: ‘atrocity’ stories and the patient experience

03 February 2010

Nursing Management


This article examines how nurses perceive critical or atrocity events in the workplace and the impact of these events on nurses’ career paths and patients’...

Qualitative interviewing: encountering ethical issues and challenges

01 July 2006

Nurse Researcher


This article, in which Amanda Clarke recounts her own experiences as a novice researcher, explores the ways in which research can affect participants. The author...

Measuring the patient experience

21 October 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim This paper examines the complex issues of measuring the patient experience and evaluating the quality of health care. It discusses the use of surveys, patient...

Fact or fiction: exploring the use of real stories in place of vignettes in interviews with informal carers

27 March 2014

Nurse Researcher

Use of real stories

Aim To consider the development and use of real stories rather than vignettes in interviews. Background Effective interprofessional working critically informed by...

The value of life story work for staff, people with dementia and family members

31 May 2017

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Dementia is a term used to describe a collection of symptoms that include problems with memory, self-care, reasoning and communication. Care interventions that focus...

Transforming the findings of narrative research into poetry

15 May 2015

Nurse Researcher

Story telling

Aim To offer dramatic poetry as representing findings from narrative research that is more accessible. Background This article is drawn from the author’s doctorate...