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Summer schools to improve recruitment and retention of pre-registration mental health student nurses

01 May 2007

Mental Health Practice


A series of two-day summer schools focused on mental health nursing were planned and delivered by Staf-fordshire University’s Faculty of Health to improve the...

The future of mental health nursing in Northern Ireland: does anyone really care?

01 November 2003

Mental Health Practice


This paper explores recruitment and retention problems in mental health nursing in Northern Ireland. A background of pre-registration nurse education is presented,...

‘To be honest, I haven’t even thought about it’ – recruitment in small-scale, qualitative research in primary care

01 November 2013

Nurse Researcher


Aim To review strategies for successful recruitment in small-scale, qualitative research in primary care by exploring those used in a variety of settings and...

The role of student ambassadors in university recruitment

03 May 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Recruitment to nursing programmes is becoming increasingly difficult. At Staffordshire University we applied to a project called Higher Education Full Circle for the...

Establishing a sustainable nursing workforce

23 July 2010

Nursing Management


Occupational sustainability in healthcare services involves meeting the demands of a changing NHS without compromising the health and wellbeing of nurses. This...

Team building and leadership: the key to recruitment and retention

01 April 2007

Nursing Management


THE NHS, like healthcare organisations in the private sector, continues to face major challenges in recruiting and retaining staff.

Service user involvement in student selection

01 May 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes a collaboration between learning disability staff and two residents of a community home in the selection of learning disability nursing...

Overseas recruitment and migration

01 December 2005

Nursing Management


THE RCN (2004) warns, that with 30,000 nurses leaving the UK every year, 2,000 of them to the US alone, a ‘fragile future’ lies ahead for the NHS.

Retaining and recruiting peri-operative nursing staff

08 October 1997

Nursing Standard

Conference focus: theatre nursing

An operating room running on a minimum of qualified staff with an untrained team member scrubbing up for major vascular operations is a worrying but not unheard of...

Dilemmas of focus group recruitment and implementation: a pilot perspective

01 January 2007

Nurse Researcher


In this paper, Isis Lioba Howatson-Jones reviews some of the dilemmas experienced in arranging focus groups, particularly for the novice researcher, and draws upon a...