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Saying sorry: the legal implications

02 March 2011

Paediatric Nursing


Anecdotal evidence suggests that nurses believe they should not say sorry when an adverse event or act of negligence has occurred in case they are sued or reported...

Emotional labour: the challenges of working with children and cancer

07 June 2012

Nursing Children and Young People

A&S Science

This article explains the concept of emotional labour and applies it to working with children with cancer. Emotional labour describes active management of the...

High fidelity simulation to improve multidisciplinary team working with pre-registrants

22 February 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Simulation has been introduced in recent years into international nursing curricula. Many educational establishments have developed simulation centres that resemble...

Understanding attitudes and their effects on nursing practice

09 December 2015

Nursing Standard


Attitudes are of crucial importance in nursing. Attitudes help us to understand how people perceive issues and processes in care and determine what they deem...

Professional issues associated with the role of the research nurse

07 June 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article presents the findings of two studies undertaken during 2002 and 2003 that aimed to explore a range of professional issues facing research nurses. The...

Local implementation of a national curriculum and competency framework for emergency nursing: a review of the evidence

05 February 2019

Emergency Nurse

evidence review

This article reviews the evidence associated with the Royal College of Nursing (2017) Emergency Care Association National Curriculum and Competency Framework for...

Emergency department leaders and levels of engagement among their nursing staff

22 January 2019

Emergency Nurse


Aim Researchers have begun to examine work engagement in nursing, but there is little research specific to work engagement in emergency department (ED) nurses. The...

Celebrating a classic text: The Cloak of Competence revisited

20 September 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Professional issues

This article celebrates one of the most important books in the history of intellectual disability, The Cloak of Competence: Stigma in the Lives of the Mentally...

Reflective practices: meaningful recognition for healthy work environments

22 February 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Nurses’ decisions about their intent to remain in the workforce are based on various factors. A healthy work environment in which work done well is recognised and...

Improving nurses’ level of reflection

30 August 2017

Nursing Standard


Reflecting on practice is an important aspect of nursing. There is widespread acknowledgement of the value of reflective practice and it has a significant role in...