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Conceptual frameworks and terminology in doctoral nursing research

13 November 2015

Nurse Researcher

Conceptual frameworks

Aim To define conceptual frameworks and their inherent dichotomies, and integrate them with concomitant concepts to help early nursing doctoral researchers to...

The search for understanding: the role of paradigms

16 March 2018

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Kuhn’s (1962) acknowledgement of a paradigm as a way that scientists make sense of their world and its reality gave recognition to the idea of ‘paradigm...

Ethics and originality in doctoral research in the UK

25 July 2014

Nurse Researcher


Aim To show that the ethics governance process in the UK is not necessarily conducive to innovative investigation by doctoral students. Background Doctoral students...

Reflecting on the challenges of choosing and using a grounded theory approach

26 November 2014

Nurse Researcher

Methodological decision making

Aim To explore three different approaches to grounded theory and consider some of the possible philosophical assumptions underpinning them. Background Grounded...

Staying theoretically sensitive when conducting grounded theory research

Nurse Researcher

evidence & practice

Background Background Grounded theory (GT) is founded on the premise that underlying social patterns can be discovered and conceptualised into theories. The method...