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Forging links between academe and practice through research

27 March 1996

Nursing Standard


One of the features of the ‘new’ health service is increased attention to research. It is as if the world is catching up with the oft quoted but otherwise ignored...

Advances in cancer care

19 February 1997

Nursing Standard

Special focus: cancer care

Basing Catheter Care on Research Principles

24 January 1996

Nursing Standard

Catheter care

Urinary catheters are frequently a necessary intervention and have obvious benefits in the management and monitoring of a patient’s condition. Their use may range...

Introducing an integrated nursing research programme

24 January 1996

Nursing Standard


There has been much debate about research in the NHS since the establishment of the Central Research and Development Committee (CRDC) and the announcement of a...

Using nursing initiatives to encourage the use of research

31 January 1996

Nursing Standard


The International Council of Nurses has chosen as its theme for Nurses’ Day 1996 ‘Better Health Through Nursing Research’. It is not surprising that there is an...

Implementing change: influencing the process

30 September 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In last week’s Nursing Standard (Callaghan 1998) we reported the findings of a study into the effectiveness of plastic aprons in preventing contamination of nurses’...

Understanding some naturalistic research methodologies

01 April 2006

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

This article aims to redress the confusion surrounding the meaning of research terms. While most textbooks outline the meanings of different research terms in a way...

Developing clinical research nurses

01 May 2008

Nursing Management


IN RECENT YEARS, there has been a fundamental change in the research environment of the NHS.

Prescriptive care? guidelines and protocols

22 January 1997

Nursing Standard

Clinical guidelines

Health professionals are keen to offer clients and patients the best possible professional care within the organisational and economic constraints of current...

Blood pressure measurement: assessing staff knowledge

25 February 1998

Nursing Standard


Blood pressure is measured regularly In community and hospital settings and it is usually assumed that nurses always perform the procedure accurately and with full...