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Introducing a new model of emergency department-based mental health care

22 October 2010

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

This article highlights the importance of the three-phase process used to develop and implement an emergency department-based, mental health nurse practitioner...

Using exploratory factor analysis to define levels of ontology in critical realism

27 May 2020

Nurse Researcher

Mixed methods

Background Critical realism is often used in mixed-methods research. There are three domains of ontology in critical realism: the empirical, the actual and the real....

A demonstration of mixed-methods research in the health sciences

18 November 2016

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The growth of patient, community and population-centred nursing research is a rationale for the use of research methods that can examine complex...

Social media as a recruitment strategy: using Twitter to explore young people’s mental health

18 December 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The development of a recruitment strategy requires nurse researchers to consider the avenues available to them to fully investigate a phenomenon. In many...

Using a mixed-methods design to examine nurse practitioner integration in British Columbia

14 July 2015

Nurse Researcher

Multiphase design

Aim To discuss and provide examples of how mixed-methods research was used to evaluate the integration of nurse practitioners (NPs) into a Canadian province....

A study exploring the protean responses of nurses transitioning to primary healthcare

23 January 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Healthcare systems are faced with changing community health profiles and ageing populations. Together with economic considerations, these factors have...

Triangulation as a method for contemporary nursing research

01 December 2005

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

The complex nature of phenomena investigated by nurses demands the use of a multifaceted approach to develop nursing knowledge. Triangulation offers a rigorous...

Mixing methodology, nursing theory and research design for a practice model of district nursing advocacy

22 January 2016

Nurse Researcher

Mixed methods

Aim To highlight philosophical and theoretical considerations for planning a mixed methods research design that can inform a practice model to guide rural district...

The value of artefacts in stimulated-recall interviews

14 September 2015

Nurse Researcher

Mixed methods

Aim To assess the use of artefacts in semi-structured, stimulated-recall interviews in a study exploring mentors’ decisions regarding students’ competence in...

Illustrating triangulation in mixed-methods nursing research

01 April 2005

Nurse Researcher


Graham R Williamson discusses the concept of triangulation in data collection and analysis in mixed-methods research, and reflects upon how this contributed to a...