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Experiencing nursing education research: narrative inquiry and interpretive phenomenology

01 July 2006

Nurse Researcher


Narrative inquiry is emerging from higher education curriculum studies into nursing, and interpretive phenomenology is established in nursing education research....

An overview of interpretive phenomenology as a research methodology

01 July 2013

Nurse Researcher

Interpretive phenomenology

Aim To provide an overview of interpretive phenomenology. Background Phenomenology is a philosophy and a research approach. As a research approach, it is used...

Research approaches related to phenomenology: negotiating a complex landscape

22 November 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To provide a comprehensive overview of the many research approaches related to phenomenology and their philosophical underpinnings. Background Phenomenological...

Differentiating between descriptive and interpretive phenomenological research approaches

14 July 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To provide insight into how descriptive and interpretive phenomenological research approaches can guide nurse researchers during the generation and application...

Hermeneutic inquiry: insights into the process of interviewing

21 January 2011

Nurse Researcher


Interviewing is a popular research method, closely associated with hermeneutic inquiry as a means of obtaining lived experience material from the viewpoint of the...