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Mental health service provision for single homeless people: findings from a freedom of information-based study

15 November 2022

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Background Homeless people are at increased risk of developing mental health conditions and mental ill-health can be a precipitating factor for episodes of...

Understanding the work and decision-making strategies of bed management nurses: a systematic review

05 October 2021

Nursing Management

patient flow

The need for hospital-wide solutions to improve patient flow is broadly recognised. Bed management nurses are integral to patient flow processes, and recognition of...

Using the making Visible the ImpaCT Of Research (VICTOR) questionnaire to evaluate the benefits of a fellowship programme for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals

05 October 2023

Nurse Researcher

career pathways

Background There is increasing emphasis in the UK on developing a nurse, midwife and allied health professional (NMAHP) workforce that conducts research. Training...