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Approaches to reflexivity in qualitative research

01 April 2006

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

The term ‘reflexivity’, as it applies to nursing, is poorly described and elusive. Yet it represents a new chapter in qualitative research, argues Maura Dowling,...

Building trust between the older adults and researchers in qualitative inquiry

01 April 2006

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Research studies can flounder if a state of trust has not been established between those who conduct and participate in them. Drawing on an exemplar case, Marie...

Issues in infertility nursing: broadening the debate

25 March 1998

Nursing Standard


Media interest in fertility treatments and the technologies used in the quest for a child by infertile couples seems to be inexhaustible. Open debate of the issues...

The supervisor-student relationship in developing methodology

01 July 2007

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

In this article, Carmel Seibold explores the unique relationship between supervisor and student in one aspect of the supervision process: choosing a methodology. It...

Revisiting case study as a nursing research design

01 July 2006

Nurse Researcher


Case study research provides nurses with a form of inquiry that is holistic and appropriate for a variety of populations. Jeanine Gangeness and Eleanor Yurkovich...

Using storyboards in participatory research

22 January 2016

Nurse Researcher

Qualitative data collection

Aim To draw on the authors’ experience of research conducted with vulnerable young women to argue for the use of storyboards in focus groups. Background Creative...