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Giving men a boost

21 April 2009

Nursing Standard

General article

Testosterone supplements might benefit men with hypogonadism related to their age. But taking them is not without risk.

Erectile dysfunction: meeting the needs of men with learning disabilities

11 April 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Erectile dysfunction is caused by physiological, psychological and sociocultural influences. This article discusses the relevance of erectile dysfunction to men with...

A sensitive subject

03 November 2009

Nursing Standard


Nurses need to take the initiative in identifying erectile dysfunction. This common condition can be a marker for underlying conditions.

An investigation of factors that determine when men with erectile disorder present for treatment

01 July 2007

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

This study by Sangan Sookdeb explored the factors that determine the time interval between men suffering the onset of erectile disorder and their presentation for...

Erectile dysfunction: physiology, causes and patient management

04 July 2007

Nursing Standard


This article examines the prevalence, causes, identification, assessment and treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is thought to...

Ask and you will learn

30 January 2008

Nursing Standard


Talking to his patients led nurse specialist Stephen Whitehead to improve the service he provides for men following radical prostatectomy.

Effect of erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment

18 November 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent non-cutaneous cancer in men worldwide. As a result of increased survival rates, men and their partners are living longer with...