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Enhancing pre-registration education in epilepsy care

27 August 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

This article outlines an approach to enhancing the educational development and delivery of teaching about epilepsy care in pre-registration learning disability...

Developing a national mentorship scheme to enhance the contribution of clinical academics to health care

26 November 2014

Nurse Researcher

Practitioner research

Aim To provide a template for developing a national mentoring scheme to enhance the contribution practitioner researchers can make to the quality of health care in...

Clinical academic careers: embracing the art and science of nursing

23 November 2016

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Clinical academics make a unique contribution to health research and scholarship by undertaking practice-focused research that offers direct benefits to patient...

Imposter syndrome– why is it so common among nurse researchers and is it really a problem?

10 September 2020

Nurse Researcher

academic careers

Background Imposter syndrome is common among early career nurse researchers and often has a considerable impact on those affected. It can cause various problems,...

Clinical academic research internships for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals: a qualitative evaluation

03 September 2020

Nurse Researcher

Career development

Background Nurses, midwives and allied health professionals are integral to research, yet rarely engage simultaneously in research and clinical practice. Clinical...

Why undertake a clinical academic internship? A novice researcher’s reflection

12 December 2019

Nurse Researcher

Career development

Background This article offers a reflection by a novice researcher undertaking an integrated clinical academic internship with the National Institute for Health...

Using the making Visible the ImpaCT Of Research (VICTOR) questionnaire to evaluate the benefits of a fellowship programme for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals

05 October 2023

Nurse Researcher

career pathways

Background There is increasing emphasis in the UK on developing a nurse, midwife and allied health professional (NMAHP) workforce that conducts research. Training...