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Changing your focus to achieve your goals

01 June 2010

Nursing Management


To achieve their goals, nurses must be able to visualise and plan for them. This article, the second in a series of six, explains how changes in focus can lead to...

Through the looking glass: being a critical ethnographic researcher in a familiar nursing context

01 April 2007

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

This article draws on the primary author’s experiences of conducting a critical ethnographic study within the emergency department where she works. Extracts from her...

Journaling: identification of challenges and reflection on strategies

20 April 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aims To identify the challenges associated with using journaling as a method of data collection and to offer strategies for effectively managing those challenges....

How to create a journal article from a thesis

19 July 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To identify strategies to assist in the publication of research arising from a postgraduate thesis or dissertation. Background There are many benefits to...

Improving your journal article using feedback from peer review

24 September 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

While preparation of a journal article for submission may often include informal review by colleagues, an article is not accepted for publication until it has been...

Use and relevance of bibliometrics for nursing

10 May 2017

Nursing Standard


A vast and increasing scientific literature is published each year, including books, journals, research articles and reviews. One approach to determining the value...

Deep in reflection

05 June 2007

Nursing Standard


Peer supervision requires commitment but can help improve performance – the goal of all healthcare practitioners.