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Identification and management of patients’ nutritional needs

01 April 2013

Nursing Older People


As individuals age a number of physical and cognitive changes affect their nutritional intake. Sensory losses affect the ability to obtain food or eat independently,...

Nutrition and cancer

01 June 2002

Cancer Nursing Practice


Cancer patients may develop many nutritional problems resulting from the disease itself or from its treatment. Although the reasons for these cannot yet be fully...

Exploring patients’ experience of hospital meal-ordering systems

09 August 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Meal-ordering systems are an important aspect of hospital food services, informing patients of the available menu choices and supporting the collection of meal...

Managing malnutrition in patients with dementia

11 March 2015

Nursing Standard


As dementia progresses, an individual may experience increasing difficulties in eating and drinking safely. Evidence suggests that admission to hospital may...

Open AccessImproving nutrition and hydration in older people with dementia in care homes

07 September 2022

Nursing Older People


Dementia can have significant adverse effects on people’s ability to eat and drink sufficiently. People with dementia can experience malnutrition and unintentional...