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Now more than ever: global award scheme for primary care nurses

01 May 2008

Primary Health Care

General article

This is shaping up to be a vintage year for primary health care (PHC). It is the 30th anniversary of the Declaration of Alma-Ata, a landmark in the global...

Global revitalisation of primary health care

01 February 2009

Primary Health Care

Primary care

In a range of settings and in high-to low-income countries, nurses and midwives have adopted the principles and practised the elements of primary health care (PHC)...

Revisiting the concepts of community care and community health nursing

24 November 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

As care moves away from hospital settings, continual re-evaluation of community nursing and health care is essential for the wellbeing of patients. With the approach...

The nursing contribution to primary health care worldwide

01 June 2009

Primary Health Care

Worldwide health

Nurses and midwives provide up to 80 per cent of primary health care services so they are ideally placed to provide critically needed, innovative solutions to many...

Yellow fever

01 February 2000

Primary Health Care


Aims and intended learning outcomes The aims of this article are to promote a greater understanding of yellow fever infection and to increase awareness of the risks...

Ray of hope

14 November 2007

Nursing Standard


The World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses have revealed a grim picture of global mental health services. But there are some glimmers of...

Workers of the world

17 October 2006

Nursing Standard


Worldwide, nursing shortages are most severe where the need is greatest. The 192 member states of the World Health Organization have set up a global partnership to...

Casualties of war

28 August 2007

Nursing Standard


While civilian deaths mount in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a far deeper health disaster is taking place. The infrastructure in both countries is fragile...

Living well in older age: what can we learn from the Japanese experience?

22 January 2019

Nursing Older People

healthy ageing

Japan has the most aged population in the world. Not only do people live longer in Japan, they also age better. While the ageing population reflects a success story...

Roll back malaria

17 April 2007

Nursing Standard


Malaria is a more serious health problem than HIV/AIDS in some parts of the world, yet it is preventable and treatable. A resolution to this year’s RCN congress...