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Challenging beliefs about tuberculosis

08 March 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical communicable diseases

The role of the specialist tuberculosis (TB) nurse has been well recognised as an ‘integral part of local tuberculosis services’ (1). Indeed, as Ormerod (2) points...

The use of directly observed therapy in TB: a brief pan-London survey

02 August 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim The objective of this study was to Investigate Issues regarding adherence with tuberculosis therapy and the use of directly observed therapy. Method A...

An unusual case of tissue breakdown secondary to TB

24 October 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Despite the many advances in technology, research and educational initiatives in tissue viability, wound management remains a complex and challenging area for...

Tuberculosis and older people

01 May 2003

Nursing Older People


Tuberculosis is a disease with a long history and although concerted efforts have been made to eradicate it, cases have increased in numbers since 1985. This article...

Tuberculosis: protecting healthcare workers

16 April 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The global incidence of tuberculosis (TB) is rising. Many more healthcare workers are coming into contact with the disease now that it has reached its highest...

Minimising the risk of hospital transmission of pulmonary TB

10 October 2001

Nursing Standard


Pulmonary tuberculosis is a threat to other patients and healthcare workers in hospital settings. Laila King discusses the ways to minimise the risk of transmission.

Understanding the effect of miliary tuberculosis through the experience of one young person

07 October 2014

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

In the UK, tuberculosis (TB) is on the increase. Miliary TB affects the lungs and can leave lasting damage, and affect a person’s quality of life adversely....

In the present

27 April 2010

Nursing Standard


A tuberculosis charity aims to raise awareness of the disease and to dispel the myth that it is a thing of the past.

Promoting compliance with tuberculosis drug therapy

07 February 1996

Nursing Standard

Primary care

In recent years, concern about the increasing numbers of notifications of tuberculosis has been noted worldwide. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO)...

Tuberculosis and HIV infection: minimising transmission

06 October 2004

Nursing Standard


Tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus have developed as co-infections globally and are now affecting the UK. Nurses should be aware of the need to have...