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Guidelines for producing patient information literature

14 August 1996

Nursing Standard

Patient education

The Patient's Charter (DoH 1991) and the Health of the Nation (DoH 1992) have influenced a quiet revolution in nursing. Nurses from all disciplines and at every...

Alcohol education in primary schools

28 October 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Educating teenagers about the risks of alcohol may be too late – many 12- and 13-year-olds have already started experimenting with it, and face increasing peer...

Tissue donation: the benefit of a positive approach

07 October 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Unlike organ donation, which enjoys a worthy public profile, tissue transplantation remains relatively unheard of. Here, the authors argue that nurses should promote...

Mental health problems in works of literature

01 March 2011

Mental Health Practice


Samuel Johnson once said that ‘a man ought to read just as inclination leads him: for what he reads as a task will do him little good’. This article makes a case for...

Promoting a brain-healthy lifestyle

01 September 2011

Nursing Older People


The population of older adults is increasing worldwide. Old age is often associated with a continuous decline in memory and along with other forms of cognitive...

Chlamydia trachomatis: symptoms and consequences

27 November 1996

Nursing Standard

Sexual health

In developed countries, chlamydia trachomatis (CT) is now the most common of all sexually transmitted conditions (Adler 1990, Eley 1995, Meyer et al 1994, Welch...

Aetiology, treatment and control of gonorrhoea

20 November 1996

Nursing Standard

Sexual health

The range and variety of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and conditions are increasing. There are now more than 50 diseases and syndromes classified as STDs...

Health of the Nation targets: where school nurses find constraints on achievement

23 August 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research school nursing

A qualitative research methodology was used to investigate 73 school nurses’ perceptions of their contributions towards Health of the Nation targets (1). The...

Patient care at diagnosis: a planned education approach

24 March 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The diagnosis of diabetes can have a deep and long-lasting effect on patients’ lives. The care and support they receive at this time is of the utmost importance in...

Assessing motivation and readiness to alter lifestyle behaviour

13 April 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The aim of this article, the second in the health promotion series, is to highlight the importance of assessing clients’ motivation and readiness to change, and to...