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Learning from carers’ experiences: helping older people with dementia to eat and drink

01 February 2003

Nursing Older People


Eating and drinking difficulties are common in people with dementia and yet some health staff are inclined to neglect this important area of care. This article...

Eating difficulty in older people with dementia

01 May 2002

Nursing Older People


Difficulty with feeding is a common problem among people with dementia and may pose ethical problems for the care team if decisions about continued feeding arise....

Protecting mealtimes

01 September 2005

Nursing Management


MANY PATIENTS in hospital are at risk from malnutrition, an often unrecognised complication that occurs when patients cannot eat or absorb adequate nutrients, and...

Managing under-nutrition in a nursing home setting

01 April 2007

Nursing Older People


This article considers interventions and strategies used to manage the problems of an undernourished older adult residing in a nursing home. A brief introduction to...

nutrition and the older adult

01 April 2002

Nursing Older People


The importance of ensuring adequate nutrition in older people is often acknowledged but, the evidence suggests, theory is not always matched by practice. This...

The impact of oral health on nutritional status

20 March 2002

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In this article, the author argues that the assessment of oral health in older people is important as it can indicate signs and symptoms of oral and systemic...