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Establishing specialist palliative care provision for care homes

01 March 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


As the British population ages, it is increasingly common for elderly patients with incurable chronic illness to die in care homes. Yet, residents of care homes have...

Ethnographic research and older people

01 February 2004

Nursing Older People

Continuing professional development

It may be argued that groups of older people share a common culture. They develop similar values and communicate customs, social mores and beliefs that help them...

Into the unknown: establishing a new service in an acute hospital setting

01 November 2004

Nursing Older People


One of the key targets associated with Standard 4 (general hospital care) of the National Service Framework for Older People (NSF) (Department of Health 2001) is the...

managing delirium in the palliative care of older people

01 June 2002

Nursing Older People


When close to death, many people seem to experience restlessness, agitation or acute mental confusion but this experience is not well understood. Nurses witness this...

Cancer and older people

01 April 2003

Nursing Older People


This article considers some causes of cancer, diagnostic assessments and treatment options, as well as some of the myths surrounding the appropriate care of older...

Touch: a fundamental aspect of communication with older people experiencing dementia

01 April 2004

Nursing Older People


In nursing, ‘touch may be the most important of all non-verbal behaviours’ (Nesbitt Blondis and Jackson 1982) but Tutton (1998) questions whether nurses actually...

Care of older people with visual impairment

01 March 2003

Nursing Older People


This article explains how nursing staff can make a difference to older patients with visual impairment through understanding of their situation and recognising the...

Continence and older people: the importance of functional assessment

01 June 2003

Nursing Older People


Continence problems among older people are debilitating, embarrassing and uncomfortable but, despite widely held views to the contrary, with sound assessment their...

Using negotiated consent in research and practice

01 June 2004

Nursing Older People


There is currently much rhetoric, both political and clinical, advocating that effective practice and service development can only occur in the presence of service...

Promoting wellbeing in older people with cognitive impairment

01 June 2000

Elderly Care


Aims and intended learning outcomes This article aims to discuss critically, within a person-centred framework, the nature of wellbeing for older people who are...