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Factors affecting care on acute hospital wards

30 January 2013

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Aim To identify positive and negative aspects of the quality of care for older adults admitted to acute hospital wards during the Quality Mark pilot study. Method A...

Time to share

05 June 2007

Nursing Standard

General article

The RCN's nutrition now campaign, supported by Nursing Standard, is giving nurses the resources to stop patients becoming dehydrated.

Attention to detail

04 May 2010

Nursing Standard


A peer review programme to improve patient safety and the quality of care delivered has proved a success.

It’s the action that counts

22 August 2006

Nursing Standard

General article

There is a lot of talk about caring abd empathy, but if it is not matched by appropriate, practical action it is empty. The third article in our Heart of Nursing...

‘Guiding Lights for effective workplace cultures’: enhancing the care environment for staff and patients in older people’s care settings

04 May 2022

Nursing Older People

workplace culture

While much attention has been given to organisational culture, there has been less focus on workplace culture. Yet workplace culture strongly influences the way care...

Researching the job satisfaction of migrant critical care nurses in Saudi Arabia

21 June 2023

Nursing Management


Background: Nurses’ job satisfaction is a crucial component of a safe and efficient healthcare environment. Aim: To understand the level of job satisfaction among...

Supporting patients with serious mental illness during physical health treatment

18 March 2019

Nursing Standard

mental health

People with serious mental illness (SMI) are more likely to experience severe health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and stroke, and...