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Using huddles to improve communication and teamwork in an instrument-processing department

16 November 2020

Nursing Management


Instrument-processing staff work in a fast-paced, high-risk environment and errors in any of their processes can have a significant effect on patient safety....

How to provide preoperative care to patients

30 November 2020

Nursing Standard


Preoperative care refers to the physical and psychosocial care that prepares a patient to undergo surgery safely. The preoperative period begins when the patient is...

Understanding failings in patient safety: lessons from the case of surgeon Ian Paterson

01 June 2021

Nursing Standard

Ethical issues

While rare, incidents of inappropriate and/or unnecessary surgery do occur, so effective surveillance of surgical practice is required to ensure patient safety. This...

Understanding the role of the scrub nurse during robotic surgery

28 November 2022

Nursing Standard


In the operating theatre, the scrub nurse has a wide range of roles, including responsibility for organising and ensuring that the correct instrumentation is...

Understanding the benefits and implications of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

03 June 2019

Nursing Standard


Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programmes are an innovative approach to optimising patient outcomes in the perioperative period and have been implemented in...

Exploring the fundamental aspects of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery nurse’s role

11 November 2019

Nursing Standard

surgical care

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a multimodal, multidisciplinary programme that aims to limit surgical stress during the perioperative period. The...